WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

June 17th, 2015 at 2:10am

Summer is a great time to see and explore new people and places. What better place to explore than New York City! When you’re traveling, your style can not only help you express who you are and where you’re from, but it also plays the vital role of keeping you comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. It’s also important because when you’re traveling you’ll be taking a lot of pictures, and you definitely want to look your best in them. This Fashionista found the perfect balance of comfort and cute with this look that could belong to any native New Yorker.

Kicking off this outfit is a black and white sundress (New York’s favorite color palette), helping this Fashionista from Holland look effortlessly well put together. Sundresses are great because they’re quick and easy as well as great for fluctuating weather. These classic aviator Ray-Ban sunglasses give off a cool, laid back look while also doing their original job of protecting her eyes from the sun.

When you’re exploring a new country, that probably isn’t the best time to break out your favorite heels, especially if you decide to visit a fast paced city like New York. That’s probably why this Fashionista decided to wear a pair of comfortable sneakers. The sneakers add a casual flare to her outfit without giving off blatant vibes that she’s a tourist. Overall, the outfit is perfect for exploring and adapting to a new country, making this Fashionista ready to take on New York City in style!

One Simple Change: Don’t let nightfall end your exploration of the city! Swap out your sneakers for a pair of cute heels to turn this look from traveler to girl’s night out. You can also throw on a leather or jean jacket to really dress up this look.