WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Everyone loves traveling. The amazing experiences of new cultures, new opinions, thousands of years of history, ideas, beautiful scenery and most importantly, food. It’s about learning about somebody and something else, broadening your mind and being more open to experiences and ideas. And don’t forget the absolute freedom you get from traveling the world and the feeling of being alive! A downfall to traveling, though, is actually getting there. Experiencing a new country is one thing, but having to experience an airport and all the wonderful things it has to offer—for example, the hours upon hours of boredom that accompany the first leg of the trip is another. Many times, the desire to just throw on leggings and an oversized sweater is overwhelming, but having a chic, and most importantly, comfortable outfit can help you keep a positive and fresh mind when Delta Airlines keeps delaying your flight.

This Fashionista aced the chic and laid back traveling style. She’s wearing a tan jumpsuit and a staple white T-shirt underneath. She threw on a gray hoodie for some extra warmth and a pair of white Nike sneakers for comfort. This outfit is perfect for trekking around a new place. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but this Fashionista still looks put together. This outfit is also very versatile. This Fashionista will be able to sleep comfortably in the uncomfortable airport chairs while still being able to look fresh and chic walking off the plane.

This Fashionista finished off the look with a simple gold necklace, black rimmed glasses and a camouflaged backpack. Having an interesting backpack, especially with traveling, will really help enhance your look! Whether it’s adding a pop of color or pattern to your outfit, it will double as a cute accessory and an easy way to carry all your travel essentials!

One Simple Change: By changing out the gray hoodie for a leather jacket and the sneakers for a pair of black single strapped heels, you completely change this look from day to night. Whether you are having a girl’s night out or a date night in a new city, you will be looking fabulous!