WHAT TO WEAR: Transition Weather

Spring is just around the corner, which means the weather is starting to get warmer. However, we spend most of March in an awkward transition period where it feels like winter in the morning, and it feels like spring in the afternoon. This can make getting dressed in the morning difficult—how does one dress for two seasons at once?

This Fashionista provides a perfect answer: light layers. This style makes it easy to adapt an outfit to the shifting temperatures, and you can remove one layer at a time as the weather gets warmer. This is great for a day spent on the run—it can be adapted throughout the day without too much effort.

To create this outfit, this Fashionista starts with a maroon waffle-knit top, and adds both a chambray shirt and a thick, long cardigan. By lunchtime, she walks around with just the waffle-knit, but she keeps both additional layers in her bag to throw back on when the sun sets and the temperature drops again. Black skinny jeans rolled at the ankles and dark brown ankle boots complete the look.

This Fashionista adds a bit of flair to her outfit with jewelry—she accents the V-neck style of her shirt with two chokers. Each choker has a drastically different style (one is thick and black and the other delicate with a charm) and they complement each other without clashing.

When asked what her favorite part of her outfit is, this Fashionista replied that she loves the comfort and simplicity—it’s a perfect outfit to wear through a busy day of Oxford tutorials and meetings with friends. This look perfectly combines comfort and fashion by using simple pieces that all bring their own personality to the look.