WHAT TO WEAR: Transition Pieces

I have to admit—I’m totally a cold weather gal. Thirty-five and sunny with a slight breeze is my ideal temperature, so I’m sure it’s no surprise that these morning cold weather fake-outs are really getting the best of me. Anyone familiar with midwest falls knows that a walk to class in the morning could leave you fearing frost bite, while the walk home just a few short hours later has you sweating like you just finished competing in the Iron Man Race.

Luckily, I’ve been doing this midwest thing for a couple of decades now, so I’ve been able to nail down the whole transition-weather style thing pretty well. What’s the key you may ask? Layers. Layers, layers, layers—it’s all about having the right layers. Being the fair skinned girl I am, I find that anytime the weather drops bellow 40 it’s best for me to leave any ripped jeans at home in order to avoid purple knees. I picked up these Madewell mom-fit jeans this past spring and have yet to find a season in which they aren’t appropriate. They’re the lazy girls key to looking stylish, comfy yet cool. I’m all about a good bodysuit right now and got this mock-neck one from Twenty, a company I’ve spent the past two summers interning at. The company was started by one of the sons of a major textile mill family based out of Montreal and I have yet to find a brand with better quality fabrics. You 100 percent get your money’s worth when it comes to Twenty clothing. What’s so great about this particular bodysuit is that the body is double lined to keep you feeling comfortable while the sleeves are left single layered to avoid unwanted sweat and to allow for easy movement.

After I got the base of the look all picked out it was time to start the layering. While this bodysuit is perfect for the slightly warmer weather later on in the day, it’s not quite suited to face 40 degrees alone. I tried on a million jackets and sweaters before deciding on this Babaton sweater from Artizia. I would have saved a lot of time if I would have tried this piece on first because not only was it the perfect weight for layering, my Babaton pieces are almost always my go-to’s. Once I had the top layer picked out I threw on one of my many pairs of plain black booties and was ready for the roller coaster of weather ahead of me.