WHAT TO WEAR: Trailblazer

Despite the cold, rainy, and windy weather going into April (thanks Michigan), a bright colored Fashionista was spotted from miles away. Decked out in fitted distressed jeans, a frayed yellow scarf, a black T-shirt, a crisp, white blazer, and a gold watch, this Fashionista made me feel like I was hit by warm sun rays. I love that the dreary weather didn’t stop this Fashionista from showcasing her personal style full of surprising pops of color. This outfit is so versatile (i.e. appropriate for walking across campus to going straight to work) that it’s hard to resist such tempting staple pieces into getting into your own closet.

Being a college student is hard because you’re in between that strange phase of still being young and being an adult, so finding specific pieces that incorporate your style and personality while still being professional and appropriate is important. Being able to mix and match pieces also helps to save money so that even if it’s a pricey investment, it’s worth it.

Having a blazer is a wardrobe must, as you can dress it up or down. Although distressed jeans aren’t as vital of a staple in my opinion, I think it’s always good to own a pair if you’re going for an edginess to your look or looking to break up an already feminine pairing. Rolling up the cuffs can make all the difference in the look you’re going for, whether it’s for campus, date night, or going to a job interview.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a state where the weather hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s spring, choosing pieces with color and versatility, no matter the forecast, will make your life so much easier and stylish.