WHAT TO WEAR: The Natural Valley Girl

Napa Valley isn’t just for wine; it is also a place full of gorgeous fashion. Much like the colors that surround The Valley, the fashion is made up of earth tones which are both calming yet intriguing. Being that Napa is known as a tourist destination, it only makes sense to wear comfortable clothing. As demonstrated by this Fashionista, you can see that she embodies both the earth tones and comfort that represent The Valley.

Sweaters and comfy jeans are key to staying fashionable and comfortable when touring The Valley. This stunning Fashionista is rocking her favorite pair of jeans along with an oversize cardigan. To tie the outfit together she paired the look up with some boots, and a belt to match. When sporting such a casual look accessories are essential. Sticking with the natural tone of this look, she chose to keep it simple and use not only her boots and belt to add some spice, but also some freshly painted nails and an intricate ring. When all of these components are pulled together, they create the perfect casual aesthetic.

Much like the outfit this Fashionista is wearing, a majority of the residents in The Valley have chosen the same path, fashion wise. While many may perceive The Valley to be a place of high-end fashion, a common misconception, it is actually a place of laid-back fashion. So remember, the next time you find yourself preparing for a visit to Napa Valley, California, keep it cozy and casual, because it is The Valley way.