WHAT TO WEAR: The Mom Look

One thing you can always count on at Kutztown University is the wind and not in a good way. It makes for a situation where everyone dresses for the cold weather. A mix between the heavily bundled students and those that just rolled out of bed wearing a pair of sweats. Fortunately for me, I found a Fashionista who is able to balance both well in as she calls the mom look.

A great way to dress up a simple black long-sleeved shirt is with accessories. The black vest gives this look another layer and texture. The vest is perfect for the days when it is not quite too cold especially with the ever changing weather on campus. This Fashionista adds a pop of color to this monochrome look with her draped plaid scarf. The blue and green plaid not only compliments her outfit, but her complexion.

Then there is the staple of black leggings in every college girl’s closet. I’m sure most of us have a pair for every day of the week. She tops it off with a pair of high-top black and white sneakers. High top sneakers are a reappearing trend all across campus and it is perfect for the long walk to class if you don’t choose to take the bus that day.

Going to school in rural Pennsylvania is a place where most students dress for comfort. That doesn’t mean that the campus is not streaming with people expressing themselves through fashion and beauty. It just means that all of that expression is hidden underneath layers until the weather warms up.