WHAT TO WEAR: The Key to Cold Weather

I think everyone on the East Coast was ready for a repeat of December 2016, which was one of the hottest winters we had seen in years. Unfortunately, we did not get that luxury going into 2017. It has been constantly cold, depressingly rainy and snowy and overall not the winter I was wishing for. I have been finding it harder and harder to find winter clothes that are both fashionable and combat the low temperatures of New York, especially when commuting. I bundle up in my puffer jacket and knee-high boots and by the time I get to the train I feel like I am baking alive. Yet, when I try to layer up and throw on a thinner jacket such as an aviator or oversized denim with a blanket scarf, I end up regretting it instantaneously as I step outside.

This Fashionista showed me exactly what essentials I need to stock up on to beat this chilly season while still staying true to my style. First is the chunky knit. This is a classic staple piece, and I say the bigger the knit the better. For a thinner sweater, you can always layer it with overalls or a culotte jumpsuit. You could even throw on a sweatshirt under or over the sweater for some added warmth.

The next essential is a fur vest, which comes in all different colors, and lengths. For this brutal weather, I think the best option is to invest in a hip to knee length vest. It is a great layering piece that can add a hint of sophistication and class to even the most basic of outfits. Both of these items can even rollover into the spring, when it’s not exactly freezing but it isn’t quite summer yet.

What I find most intriguing about this Fashionista’s outfit is the integration of different white pieces off set by the tonal browns and creams of the sweater. She represents the best part of winter, which is bundling up in knit sweaters and pulling out the faux fur, from the bottom of the closet. When the weather isn’t too wet, booties become another necessity for looking your best during the cooler months. These taupe booties were just the right edition, color wise and height wise, to complete this winter look.

It is apparent that just because the weather isn’t great doesn’t mean your fashion sense can’t be. 2017 is the year of not sacrificing one’s style due to the weather. Adding these staples to your closet will not only help in expressing your style but will ensure that you stay warm while doing it.