WHAT TO WEAR: The First Friday of the Semester

Spring semester has sprung into gear and students are stepping out in their finest got-this-over-Christmas-break outfits. Some find it easy to dress for certain occasions and others have a little trouble. Well, I have some tips for you to help you bring your fashion flare to your first Friday outfit of the second semester.

Denim on denim is a ’90s classic style that has came back with a millennial vengeance. Mixing light and dark denims are my personal favorite, but for this Fashionista, it was the deep, blue denim jeans and same color distressed jean jacket that gave her the perfect Friday “pop out” look. Her jacket was my second favorite accent to her outfit. The destroyed sleeves and cut-off collar gave her outfit an added touch of tasty grunge.

The jeans and jean jacket paired with a fuzzy, pink tank top brought the ultimate color pop that her denim look needed. Her heels, on the other hand, were very necessary and extremely fashionable. To me, true Fashionistas and fly guys take risks. Risks that no one else would do because they’re too scared of what people will say, or whether or not the piece will match the outfit. The finishing touch of the color block booties are so fetch. Yes, I’m using fetch because I couldn’t find a better word to describe this pair of superb shoes. The shoe has a fuzzy texture that is mainly filled with white and has a blue stripe down the middle to give it the contrast that it needs.

This outfit was topped with her beautiful natural bush, hoop earrings, a light pink gloss, and a natural beat (no makeup). I adored this ensemble so much, and enjoyed photographing this Fashionista even more. On top of her fabulous outfit, she wore my favorite accessory, confidence with a smile and she owned every second of wearing this outfit. A true Fashionista at her finest.