WHAT TO WEAR: The Fight Against Unpredictable Weather

Now that we have arrived at the middle of March, Mother Nature can start to get a little tricky. Some days she wants to bless us all with her warm rays of sunshine while other days she wants to send Winter Storm Stella our way. Whatever the case, the real question is: what do you wear? When weather apps can’t be trusted, it is up to you to put together the best outfit for taking on the world, come rain or shine. This is your guide to doing so.

If you wear one item that’s too big, like a fur jacket or a really heavy sweater, you might have a heat stroke by the time you make it to class. On the other hand, if you wear something too light, you’ll be running back to your bed. The solution? Dressing for unexpected weather is all about layering. If you have several items that you can put together, not too big or too small, not only will you have a banging and creative outfit, but you’ll also be super comfortable.

For example, because this Fashionisto is triple-layered (T-shirt, hoodie, and jacket), he is ready to take on all types of weather. The multiple layers, as well as the fur on the rim of his denim jacket, makes his outfit appropriate for colder weather. If this Fashionisto walks outside, and the sun is shining a little too bright, he can easily take off the jacket, throw it in his bag, and rock the hoodie alone. Is it even hotter? He could take off the hoodie, and wrap it around his waist for an edgy, but effortless look.

At the end of the day, if he gets out of class and it’s a little chilly, he can pull the denim jacket back out and rock it with the T-shirt because we all know a good denim jacket can go with anything. All of these options give this Fashionisto great style as well as comfort making his outfit perfect for taking on unexpected weather!