WHAT TO WEAR: The Comfy Scholar

We all know the struggle of wanting to look good in class but also wanting to be comfortable during our five+ hour days sitting in classrooms. I stumbled across this Fashionisto leaving a lecture hall and I just had to grab a few shots.

His briefcase/satchel is what really caught my eye. I thought it was perfectly paired with what could have been a  lazy day outfit. The addition of the accessories turned this outfit from “I just threw this on” to “you weren’t ready for this.”

The five-panel hat was the perfect touch to jazz up the outfit a bit. It didn’t necessarily give it a professional vibe because I don’t think that was the goal. However, it did give him the ability to put a little personal touch on such a simple choice of pieces.

The joggers are what give this comfy/playful feel to this outfit. They had this slouchy fit in this tapered fabric that was definitely a game changer. They were definitely a great play on the latest trend here in Baltimore; which is the denim jogger. I couldn’t decide if I liked them, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t glad to see that the denim joggers are making an exit. This Fashionisto’s mustard joggers were the perfect accent to the red plaid. Side note: I love plaid no matter what color it is. It fit perfectly with the color scheme that he had going there. All of the colors came together so effortlessly.

This Fashionisto definitely got it right.