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WHAT TO WEAR: The Bomber Jacket

February 20th, 2017 at 2:07am

It’s that time of the year again where it’s no longer winter, but not quite spring; puffy coats are out, but the weather is not warm enough to permit just a top. Here is our savior: the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are both incredibly versatile and effortlessly stylish; pair it with a shirt and tie for a business casual affair or dress it down with some dark jeans and a button-down for a night out. In short, the bomber is one of the best spring jacket decisions a man can make.

An eternally cloudy Philadelphia in February makes showcasing one’s style a conundrum. To dabble in color or stick to black, layer up for the brisk morning or plan for the midday flash of spring—these are the trade-offs one has to make in the city of brotherly love. This Fashionisto took an ordinary combo—black skinny jeans and a pale orange T-shirt—and paired it with a royal blue bomber to set the tone at what can only be described as elevated casual. Note the splash of color underneath—don’t be afraid to flash some brightness, even in the dull, late winter weather.

Check the pavement. The gray Rihanna Fenty Pumas ground the look in street-style while the bomber keeps it from fading into just another urban fashion trend. Perfect for making an ordinary day on campus an extraordinary style statement. And always remember: less is more. Accessories and subtle touches have their place, but refined simplicity speaks without saying a word. Next time you are deciding what to brave the fitful spring weather with, consider simply going back to basics. I can almost guarantee that it will not go wrong.