WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

May 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

This month, we are welcoming all things outdoors, whether it be tailgating, a music festival, a barbecue or pretty much any daytime outdoor events, we got you covered. This Fashionisto is showing us how to perfectly create a casual, versatile outdoor look.

First of all, your favorite pair of sunnies are a must, not only because they keep your eyes protected from the sun, but because, don’t lie to yourself, you know you just look cooler with them on. Check out the awesome blacked out Ray-Bans on this Fashionisto. Also, he chose to pair light khaki shorts with a navy long sleeve T-shirt. This was an awesome choice because often times it can be a little breezy outside and being warm without having to worry about a jacket is a total life savior. Another idea is bring a hoodie or flannel that can be tied around your waist, an awesome ‘90s style that has totally made a comeback. Also, be sure to take a look out at this Fashionisto’s simple bracelet that gives his outfit a little unique touch. You can incorporate small details like this to take your outfit from Coachella to tailgate. For example, a flower crown versus a baseball cap…you get the point. Lastly, boat shoes complete this outfit for a laid back look and are super comfy.

One Simple Change: Looking for a way to take this daytime outfit to night? No problem! Swap out the T-shirt for a button-down and this outfit went from darty to party.