WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

November 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

I think that every college campus has their “look”; the outfits, brands and items that you see someone wearing and think, “she looks like a _______ girl.” At Trinity College, this is that look.

I’d pay good money for you to find a girl on this campus that doesn’t own a Patagonia, and with good reason. Whether it’s the vest, pullover or coat, they’re the perfect item of clothing for New England; worn over a long sleeved T-shirt in the fall or layered with a sweatshirt, sweater, coat and worn with a scarf, hat and gloves when the temperature drops below zero for the months of January through March. Thankfully, it’s the one item that will actually keep you the warmest.

Here, the classic vest is worn over a cozy flannel in perfect fall colors, ideal for a cold and rainy day like we’ve been having recently. This Fashionista polished up the look with dark wash jeans and tall riding boots, both of which are giving off some great Ralph Lauren-esque vibes. Her Trinity hat is cute, practical and shows off her school pride, making this outfit perfect for a tailgate where you want to represent your team, but also need to be warm enough to be able to spend the entire day outside. I love the subtle details of her shirt, which is also representing Trinity with its blue and yellow pattern. Overall, this is a pretty classic New England look, comfortable and warm, but still cute and put-together. And of course, that bit of preppiness thrown in for good measure.

One Simple Change: Since the weather doesn’t seem to know what it’s been doing lately, layering will be your best friend. In this case, the morning could start off freezing cold and then switch to a balmy fall day. If that does happen, I’d suggest throwing on a light, casual jacket. Something neutral (pockets are a must), maybe even in one of your school colors to make sure you’re still showing off your pride! In any case, this is the epitome of the perfect fall look. Enjoy it while it lasts! Before we know it I’ll be all about how to make parkas and snow boots look fashionable.