WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

Tailgates are a highlight of the summer season. Whether you’re going to a concert, game or other outing, the fun usually happens at the tailgate. Since they can be more eventful than the actual event, it is important to look fashionable when tailgating! This week’s Fashionista plans on attending a Pirates baseball game before the summer is over. She is here to share with you her pre-game tailgating style.

Check out this Fashionista’s McCUTCHEN shirt. It is the perfect way for her to look cute while supporting her favorite player. Wearing a jersey or shirt to support your team is always a fashionable decision. This McCUTCHEN shirt in particular provides the combination of being form fitting and comfortable; perfect for a tailgate!

Complementing this Fashionista’s shirt is a simple pair of jeans and flip flops. These two pieces are simple, comfortable and cute. They are perfect for walking around gravel parking lots or lounging in a lawn chair before the game starts. While they are both quality pieces, they are still simple enough to allow this Fashionista to focus on her other accessories.

This Fashionista chooses to make her accessories the most important part of her outfit. She decides she wants to stand out from all the other McCUTCHEN jerseys and take her Pirates pride to the next level. Check out this Fashionista’s Jolly Roger. This accessory is unique to the Pirates and can be a stylish way to cheer them on. This Fashionista is displaying a homemade Jolly, so if you decide to support the Pirates you can create a cute one of your own for free!

Accompanying the Jolly is a red headband. The headband matches the red from this Fashionista’s Jolly, yet is bold enough to stand out on its own. She claims it is this piece that makes her outfit standout as tailgate as opposed to just game attire. It is the perfect way to bring sports and fashion together in one outfit!

One Simple Change: Swap the Jolly Roger for this adorable red handbag and you have the perfect fall outfit. If the Pirates make the World Series, you can keep sporting this adorable shirt all the way through October no matter where you go.