WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

August 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

I have been a sports fan since before I was even born. My dad’s first outfit for me was a football onesie. The beginning of a new school year also calls for sports to start back up. I love how sporting celebrations happen way before the first pitch or before the coin toss. Tailgating is sometimes even more fun than the actual game!

When it comes to tailgating, whether it is a college team or a major league team, always represent your team. This Fashionisto does that every game. On this day he chose to wear his sports jacket with the team logo right on front. He continued with the blue theme by adding his blue sports hat, also with the team logo. And he did not forget his watch, which is handy to have so that you don’t lose track of time and miss the first few minutes of the game because you were too busy having fun outside the stadium. Be sure to also wear comfy shoes. Ladies, yes high heels are cute but they are not game-day appropriate. I find all of the components of this Fashionisto’s outfit perfect for any sporting event; just be sure you are representing the right team. Now that we are in college we get to finally attend games as students, which is something I have been waiting for for as long as I can remember. Only a few more weeks and we can all show off our school spirit!

One Simple Change: Want to still share your team pride on weekends during the offseason? Instead of being all decked out in sports gear, opt for just your team hat. A T-shirt, jeans and baseball cap is the perfect weekend look for both men and women.