WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgate

Tailgate season is by far my favorite time of the year. I pay more attention to the introduction of new fall styles than I do to the scoreboard. And if we’re being honest, my number one priority is finding free food. While it is so important to cheer on your school’s sports teams and bond with your classmates, it is equally important to do so fashionably and comfortably.

The key to staying comfortable while tailgating is to dress in layers. That’s exactly what makes this Fashionista’s outfit work for this occasion. A thick pair of leggings is essential for when you are sitting on the cold bleachers at the stadium. The “Hoosier Tailgate” tank is a must-have here and the IU socks tucked into the leggings that peak through the tops of her black ankle boots are perfect for roaming the tailgating fields while showing her school pride (even if we aren’t known for our football team.)

The real star of this ensemble is the ever-versatile red flannel shirt. If it’s cold, she could wear it as a jacket. If it’s warm, she could tie it around her waist. A loose fitting tank top underneath assures that she won’t reveal any pit stains and allows her to cool off when the game gets heated. Adding a knitted scarf or headband to this look would give it an even more fall inspired feeling!

I hope all you Fashionista’s out there can take some inspiration from this simple tailgate look and create something all your own!