WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgate

If nothing else, college guarantees students three things: expensive textbooks, all-nighters around midterms and sports-related rivalries and camaraderie. Tailgating is an essential part of the last one—what could be better than good friends, good drinks and a good game? This Fashionista is not letting cold weather and harsh winds stop her from expressing school spirit and having fun!

The base of this Fashionista’s outfit is simple: a pair of nice, thick leggings that give her the warmth and mobility (to jump up for the game-winning touchdown!) that starchy blue jeans cannot. It’s only the beginning of the theme we see with the entire outfit, which is practical yet fashionable. Her shirt, as it was purchased from her campus’s book store, screams school spirit and proudly cheers on her team. This Fashionista is ready to support the rest of her senior class on game day!

This Fashionista was mindful of the fact that game day means a lot of walking—from tailgating to game to post-game parties—and chose boots that pair nicely with leggings but also aren’t a hassle to walk around in all day. Their brown color is a nice distinction between shoe and legging and helps to break the outfit up a bit.

What I love about this Fashionista’s ensemble are the cute subtleties that help to make the outfit! Her nail polish matches her school’s colors and this will show school spirit nicely when she’s holding a hot coffee during the game. Her cotton knit hat is thin enough that it will still look cute without being too bulky, but will also be functional to keep her ears warm! (And muffle the sound of a cheering crowd just a little bit!)

One Simple Change: The tailgate and game are over, but a night of post-game celebrations is about to begin. Swap the school shirt out for a long sweater and add a piece of silver jewelry, for a simple, delightful and most importantly, warm outfit!