WHAT TO WEAR: Sweater Weather

If Michigan is known for anything, it is for the extreme winter weather. Though snow has yet to fall on campus and the last few colorful leaves are gathering into the piles raked on the ground, it is time we prepare for the cold with new fashion trends before the roads are too icy for a trip to the mall. Sweaters are a must and jeans of every style and color should be filling your drawers. Dark and neutral colors will line the mannequins in store windows and no outfit will be complete without the perfect leather bag. While Michigan has not quite reached its wintery fate, our Fashionista seems to have already made the transition to sweater weather with the chilly forecast in store for us this week.

This Fashionista was out running errands on State Street when I found her. Because the temperature is just warm enough (a whopping 45 degrees) to get away without a winter jacket, she chose to wear a chunky cowl neck sweater with matching booties to kick start her transition into new winter fashion trends. The turtleneck-like style of her sweater acts as a scarf, keeping her neck and face warm from the cool breeze outside. By adding a gold statement necklace underneath the cowl neck, she is able to dress the sweater up without taking away from its contrasting hues. The different gray and white tones work well together, especially since the gray in both her booties and kate spade new york watch blend in nicely. Her gray nail polish is a bonus. It is because of the neutral colors within her sweater and booties that she is able to wear a wine colored pair of skinny jeans. The warm, yet modest tone gives her outfit a pop of color, though she could have easily chosen to wear a pair of black or blue jeans that would have looked just as sleek. It is what she pairs the jeans with that make her outfit perfect for the upcoming cold weather.

To complete her outfit, our Fashionista carried a brown leather purse with gold buckles that tied in well with the gold of her jewelry. The bag is simple, but makes for an easy addition to the outfit. She could have chosen any neutral bag similar to this one to complement her ensemble. Her wine colored lip gloss even matches the color of her jeans for an added touch. Winter in Michigan is quickly approaching, but if you are anything like our Fashionista, you will be sure to find a #RAD outfit to make the transition.