WHAT TO WEAR: Sunday Staple

Sundays are for lounging, maybe catching up on homework (cough, cough Netflix), and not much else. Sundays are spent in pajamas. If you’re anything like me, you see Sunday as an opportunity to make the most of my spare time. On Sundays, I tend to go grocery shopping, cook meals for the week, catch up with friends for a quick cup of coffee, and maybe hit the gym. I obviously can’t wear pajamas while doing all of this and still feel as productive as I would’ve if I had taken the time to actually put myself together.

Fashionistas/os around the world have always tried to be fashionable without sacrificing comfort (athleisure is a God-send). When your last killer athleisure outfit is in the wash, or you’re just not that into yoga pants right now, what’s your next option?

When I find myself in these situations, I tend to make use of many layers and less pants because no one has time for pants on Sundays. I stick to flowy dresses, sweaters, or oversize T-shirts. If it’s chillier outside, then I throw on a jacket or an extra sweater. I’m always sure to stick to shoes that are comfortable. Comfort is key on Sundays.

This Fashionista definitely has a grasp on Sunday styling. Her oversize sweater is a tomboy-ish, and she matches it with a light, feminine dress with gold detailing. She ties black back into the outfit with her Vans.
Remember that you can look great on a Sunday while being comfortable, even though you may not be having brunch with your guru gang. Pair with messy hair and easy makeup and go forth and conquer Sunday!