WHAT TO WEAR: Sunday Brunch

It’s my favorite time of year again, it’s officially the beginning of fall. How exciting! While heading to the library on an early Sunday morning I spotted this Fashionista headed to a Sunday brunch to catch up with some friends. This Fashionista has to be wearing one of my favorite looks I’ve seen because I absolutely love the color black and white together and those pants are to die for!

Before fall starts to get too cold this Fashionista is wearing a simple, plain black chiffon tank top. She decided to tuck her shirt into what I like to call fun pants but they’re known as jogger pants. These pants are so fun to wear because the pattern is so unique; I love it! Since the pants have such a unique pattern on them it’s great she paired it with a simple top so she doesn’t over do her outfit. It’s the perfect blend. I also love the zippers on the side of the pants, it adds a great detail to it.

Fall is perfect because I love bringing out the booties! This Fashionista has a cute pair of black suede open toed booties on. While it may be too chilly for sandals, open toed booties are perfect shoe attire for fall! As for accessories, to match the rest of her outfit she is wearing a black purse that can either be worn on the wrist or on the shoulder. It really ties the whole outfit together. While keeping it simple she added a small silver necklace to match the silver zipper on her pants and on the purse as well. This Fashionista is headed off to a stylish Sunday brunch!