Sometimes it’s hard to resist the temptation of just throwing on whatever you find laying around on your bedroom floor on the weekends especially if you know you have errands ahead of you. In the Midwest the summer time becomes quite humid and most find themselves in a internal fight, trying to decide if comfort out weighs fashionable attire. But wait! What if I told you, you could achieve comfort, style and while still being cool in these smoldering months? So before you put on those Nike running shorts, listen up!

Like this Fashionista, you too can achieve a stylish yet comfortable outfit with just a few simple pieces! Since it’s summer we all like to show a bit of skin and a simple crop tank top is a great piece to have! By pairing it with a great pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, you will keep cool while looking effortlessly chic. This Fashionista kept cool in both senses of the word by matching her army green tank with her buckled sandals and very stylish Kate Spade purse. This casual but classy outfit was pulled together with repetition of the army green.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from day to night, I suggest throwing a leather jacket on and switching out your sandals for a rocking pair of black heels or pair of thick strapped grey wedges. Making you even more chic and maybe just a tad bit dangerous.