Setting aside all the super cheesy summer themed pop songs about the beach and the sun, this season you can stray away from the cliché. Instead of opting for your bright colors and crazy prints, a sleek, grunge and textured look can still feel as playful. An enormous part of summer is bringing out your swimsuits that have been hiding in the back of your drawers during all of the year. However, going the opposite route of the expected, a unique swimsuit top will definitely catch attention. There are new styles of bathing suit tops with texture, fringe and even sequins that can give an interesting twist to your beach outfit. Another aspect of beach wear that people seem to shy away from is the use of any type of jewelry especially at the beach. You can play up a plain outfit with simple, inexpensive pieces that bring life to your summer look. Basically, do not be afraid to try different risks when approaching a summer look especially for the beach.

In the spirit of giving a new spin to seasonal stereotypes, this Fashionista dominates the summer look by sporting a minimalist look to her beach outfit. The top, an actual swimsuit top, has a net detail that gives an edge to the waterproof bandeau. She paired the halter-top with cute charms to give some life to an all black outfit. In order to balance out the edgy top, the flow and grace of the skirt gives a feminine vibe. Like always, opposites attract and complement each other. Finally, her cool, vintage-inspired shades add a nice warm tint with a mirror effect to the monochromatic beachwear. The whole ensemble is lightweight, which helps one maintain cool during the summer heat. Who says you can’t look cute while enjoying the sea?

One Simple Change: Instead of wearing a swimsuit top, you can change it up by pairing the frilly skirt with a structured top. This new outfit can be worn as a comfortable but cute day look. To top it off, wear a bold lip to bring life to the outfit for the summer.