Commonly noted as the season of whites, I think bright, bold colors tend to take the back-burner as first-thought color choices in the summer. Take a moment when out and about to admire the amount of white especially seen in women’s wardrobes this time of year. In the past couple of weeks for example, I have seen women daring enough to tempt white on white. Yet, I also haven’t failed to recognize the wardrobe choice of offsetting white with a sprinkle of color.

In a little twist on trends, this week’s Fashionista left her white at home and chose to sport a playful color all on its own. Perfect for any summer event or outing, this playful and vibrantly yellow dress is ready to go, dressed up or down. Bright colors tend to draw attention, causing some to shy away from such significant outfit choices. Done right and worn with confidence, any color can truly become ‘your color.’

Rather than drawing in a majority of the attention like typically thought, a statement necklace paired with a colorful dress helps to break up the color without breaking the look. The pops of green in the necklace are noticeable but only after being pulled in first by the color of the dress. Bright colors call for complementing pieces, not competing ones.

Combining nude accessories in footwear and with a Michael Kors handbag helps to bring the look full circle, giving it the polished overall look it deserves. Going overboard with colors isn’t necessarily the key, as our Fashionista demonstrates a way to turn heads and capture attention (as she clearly did mine!) in a classic manner.

One Simple Change: Taking your look from a daytime or less formal event to a night out with friends? Try changing your footwear from flats to wedges or pumps and you’ll be ready to strike a pose for that next great Insta pic.