Summer is upon us. Some of us have school and some work, but everyone feels the heat. The struggle to stay cool and look professional is a true challenge, especially for college students who are trying to leave lasting impressions on employers. This Fashionista does a wonderful job of balancing style with business.

Her patterned top with double earrings adds a personal feel the outfit. The Birkenstocks are comfortable and functional to wear to work. Her black shorts are more causal than most but allow her to stay cool while being on the move at work all day. The tank top allows for her to keep her look modest while providing layers to her outfit. The pattern of the top is eye-catching and brings more to the table than a simple solid color would. Tying the shirt at the bottom is the ultimate boho touch to the outfit, really showing off a different feel. The black earrings reflect her personality and remain fashionable while matching her shorts. The unconventional look works perfectly in a causal work environment and would transition to hanging out with friends after work.

Boho and bold are both very popular concepts in a world where everyone wants to stand out. Being bold doesn’t always mean putting on the most eye-catching colors or dramatic styles. Being bold is being yourself, and I think this Fashionista captures attention with her simple beauty and comfortable look.

One Simple Change: For an after work dinner with friends, add a black trilby and smokey eyeshadow to create an ultimate boho-chic look.