It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (I mean, summer), finally! Time for crop tops and Daisy dukes or if you’re on the more conservative side, loose, flowy tops and maybe some boyfriend capris.

Dresses, next to rompers, have to be one of the easiest pieces of clothing to wear, in my opinion. Especially in the summer when living is meant to be carefree, a dress fits perfectly into the equation. They’re easy to accessorize and can make you look like you spent hours putting your outfit together, when in reality it only took you like 10 minutes.

This Philadelphia Fashionista opted for a color-block, high-low dress for an easy yet stylish outfit for the summer. The two monochromatic colors incorporated in the dress make it seem more interesting than if the dress were one solid color. Color-blocking takes simplicity to a stylishly new level. I don’t think I’ve ever seen color-blocking done wrong, so if you’ve been debating on whether to join in on the trend, this is your sign. The high-low aspect of this Fashionista’s dress is another universal trend for every body type; it also makes this dress more appealing to the eye. Dresses that hit the body at the same point in the front and back can sometimes be a bit boring and basic. A high-low dress gives a little more carefree, go-with-the-flow type of vibe.

So remember when I said that dresses are easy to accessorize? This Fashionista accessorizes her dress with a rose pink Prada purse that brings some color to her neutral tone dress and is a chic way to carry all her essentials. The intricate detailing of her earrings and ring help to dress up the look. Her short, heeled sandals also help to make this outfit look more put together. They’re also a perfect height; not too tall to hurt your feet when walking, but tall enough to make a statement.

One Simple Change: Take this outfit from a regular summer day to a concert with some edgy booties. Booties provide a similar concept to the outfit as this Fashionista’s short, heeled sandals, except they’re closed-toe shoes. Closed-toe shoes ensure that if someone steps on your feet in the midst of the crazy concert it won’t hurt as bad.