“Don’t forget your roots.” 

That’s what fuels this Fashionista’s impeccable sense of style. Born and raised in Orange County, California, this free spirit has perfected an approach towards fashion that exudes her laid back lifestyle and her mellow personality harmoniously. Her style is characterized by masculine-inspired apparel, funky patterns and unique pieces that are thrown together flawlessly for a look that most of us can only dream of pulling off. The inspiration for today’s look combines a rebellious skater vibe that flirts with classy fashion trends.

The Urban Outfitters high-waisted black shorts contrast well the black and white striped crop top for a traditional summer look. The addition of the sleek, Rock and Republic leather jacket that layers over the striped top completes the outfit by giving it an additional edge. To enhance the presentation of a very classic look, this Fashionista matches her outfit with a pair of bright and fun watermelon-styled socks matched with a pair of checkered-print Vans slip-ons. But this Fashionista doesn’t stop there. This look wouldn’t be complete without the vintage taste of an antique necklace that was gifted to her at age seven There’s something to be said about how our roots determine the way in which we present ourselves to the world. Little pieces, like a valuable piece of jewelry or a sentimental accessory can often remind us of home and the people we love the most. How special it is that fashion provides us with an outlet to convey our most treasured qualities as we strut down sidewalk runways and embrace our everyday life.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I try to convey my background through what I wear. It gives people a a sense of what my vibe is.”