Summertime is all about showing some skin and bringing out the cutest shorts you’ve been dying to wear. Wearing high-waisted shorts and a simple T-shirt make for the perfect outfit for any sunny day. If you are traveling this summer, make sure to pack a few pairs of shorts with a bunch of tops to mix and match. High-waisted shorts can go with almost any top. This simple summer look is great to throw over your bathing suit.

A long necklace pairs perfectly with a higher waistline. Not only does it bring life to a simple outfit, but it can also be layered with shorter necklaces. Summer is all about layering so feel free to do the same with your accessories.

Footwear has the power to make or break an outfit. This season, be sure to snag a few pairs of sandals that match with most outfits and can easily be removed. Don’t miss out on the fun of catching a wave or jumping in the pool with friends just because you’re busy figuring out the closure to your shoes.

This Fashionista describes her style as, “causal and bohemian-inspired.” This rad outfit is great to slip on after your day lounging poolside with friends, and it’s also perfect for meeting up with them later for dinner.

One Simple Change: Just spent the day by the pool and want to meet your friend for dinner? Just switch from sandals to wedges to transform your day outfit to nighttime. Another simple change is changing from shorts to pants if it cools down at night. Summer style is all about maintaining a laid back look.