During summer we all know how hard it is to dress fashionable for multiple occasions. With the summer heat making us sweat we all wish we could walk around everywhere in bathing suits or shorts and T-shirts. Achieving a fashionable look sounds like too much work but it really does not have to be! Dresses are the best way to achieve an effortless look and feel comfortable. Not to mention, you can dress them up or down for any occasion.

This Fashionista is wearing a red backless bell sleeve dress with nude studded Steve Madden sandals. The dress is simple, and even though it is long sleeved, it offers components that allow the Fashionista to feel comfortable. The fact that it is backless and flowy helps the Fashionista feel cool and comfortable during this summer heat. It is also simple and one-toned which means that she can dress it up or down. She can go out to lunch, run errands or even go to school as is. With this outfit she used minimal accessories. She layered two simple necklaces and she wore a couple of rings on her hands. Her last minimal accessory is a small, nude cross-body bag with gold details.

Dresses are perfect for the summer when you are racking your brain for options! Sundresses, shift dresses or maxi dresses are all options for you. They’re solid proof that you can be fashionable and still walk through the summer with confidence.

One Simple Change: If you want to go from a summer day to a girl’s night out, add some cute wedges and a statement necklace. This will make your outfit a little more formal and appropriate to go out with the girls.