It’s summertime and bright colors are in! I love the look this young lady sported. While walking Uptown Charlotte her huge ’60s-inspired skirt with modern day heels and the simple sleeveless T-shirt caught my attention instantly. I love the fact that every article had the repeating color of pink. It added such a contrast throughout the whole outfit. I appreciate the style and thought put into this look. Simple, but very chic!

Speaking with her after I was able to get photographs, I learned that her articles of clothing could explain who she is. I love when I can break down my quote to individuals. For my new viewers, I always say, “each layer of clothing is a characteristic of who you are.” That surely played a role that day.

The T-shirt really relaxed the outfit. It made it more casual, but with it being tucked in, it gave off a classy look. This look could be worn to fashion shows, school, a luncheon, etc. This look is very versatile as well. It can go from day to night really quick.

Some of you may be wondering, “What makes this look so special?” Well, when I was growing in my craft of styling I was taught that a good style tip is to have at least one color repeating in your look, if you’re not color blocking of course, so that there can be flow within the look. I haven’t seen this executed for a long time; therefore, I appreciate what was done. Not all looks have to be extraordinary either. Simple works! The pink midi skater skirt is so beautiful; I love the tone it gives. The Keith Haring print T-shirt that she made sleeveless was well done as well.

One Simple Change: To transition this look from day to night, adding black in this look would definitely add an edge! Add an all-black biker jacket and a pair of chunky platform heels, preferably something with a print that complements the look already. Now you will really draw attention! There’s now a decent balance from head to toe.