Summer is only just getting started and you know what that means: all those clothes that you have been dying to wear all winter can finally be pushed to the front of your closet.  Lets face along with summer comes the summer heat, so you don’t want overheat in the summer fun. This Fashionista chose to keep it light and breezy for her fun summer day at an amusement park to create the perfect summer outfit!

Keeping this look very chic, this Fashionista pairs a simple graphic black t-shirt, that has a cute little phrase on it, with some simple denim shorts. Denim shorts are a staple for any summer outfit and pairing it with a simple black tee makes it the perfect summer outfit! The loose fit t-shirt is the perfect paring for the summer heat. One thing I love about this outfit is that you can leave the shirt tucked in or out of the high waisted shorts. These pieces are loose enough that you can fit a bikini underneath for the perfect beach day!

For shoes, she laces up some high top black converse that pair perfectly with the black t-shirt. The high tops give the look a more edgier vibe, which ties the look together. These simple sneakers are perfect for a long summer day of walking around an amusement park.

This Fashionista chose to pair minimal accessories with her look, but made a big statement with her simple cross body bag and her sunglasses. The shape of the sunglasses gives this outfit a more classier look that dresses it up more. The cross body bag allows you to keep everything you need for a great summer close to your side. Purses are a great way to make a personal fashion statement while showing off your personal style, I can definitely say that I am a huge fan of this!

One Simple Change: Switch out the denim shorts for some workout pants or leggings to get the errands vibe going. By adding leggings or workout pants to an already street savvy outfits just makes you look more fashionable!