This Fashionista loves summer because summer means swimming, tan lines and no school. If you are like her, you love to be outdoors swimming and going on adventures. She wants to wear what is going to keep her cool and what is going to make her look cute. This is one of her many outfits that is perfect for vacation and for weekend adventures. It could be worn for everything summer including cookouts and shopping trips. It provides comfort and confidence for any girl going out in warm weather.

A pair of white, high-waisted shorts are paired with a stretchy, floral crop top. Both of these choices are perfect for a vacation and for weekends because they are not too heavy and will not overheat anyone wearing them. With the floral shirt having so much going on, simple jewelry is added to the outfit including a couple rings, a bracelet and a pair of earrings, all of which are noticeable but do not distract from the rest of the outfit. Of course, a girl cannot go on vacation or go out on weekends without a purse. She chose a brown Michael Kors purse that is just big enough to hold her wallet, keys and a mascara, any girl’s necessities. To top off her outfit, she added a pair of lace-up sandals. This outfit gives the impression that effort was being put into it without looking to formal or overdressed for day-to-day life.

One Simple Change: This look is perfect for the sunny outdoors and all the activities it brings including vacations and weekend adventures. However, this look can also transition to the perfect date night attire. If the floral crop top is paired with a pair of chic ripped jeans and heels, her date will not be able to take his eyes off of her.