The struggle every summer is to try to stay stylish but still beat the heat. Crop tops and high-waisted bottoms make a classic silhouette that is especially perfect for the warmer weather. The thin, knit halter-style cropped tank that this Fashionista is sporting has the right balance between practical and playful. The breathable material keeps you cool while still making a statement due to the color choice and the striped pattern.

Whether you pair a top like hers with high waisted shorts or a skirt like this Fashionista did, you are as good as gold in the summer heat. The styling of the bright peachy top with her cool light blue mini skirt kept the outfit a bit whimsical, but also very wearable.

If you ever want to add personality or a bit of extra style to an outfit, play with the shoe pairing! Any kind of sandal would coordinate well with an outfit as summery as this one, but her bright blue jelly shoes really stand out. Shoes are the perfect accessory to dress an outfit up or to make a statement.

However, don’t forget about the hair! In most areas, the summer humidity is through the roof, which makes you want to just toss your hair up and not deal with it. Although, just by playing with how you pin your hair up or by using different accessories, you can amplify a look while steering clear of sticky hair. The use of a headscarf as a headband was a smart and chic choice in this Fashionista’s look.

One Simple Change: Most likely, you consider this a summer outfit, however, it could easily be transformed into something for the spring or cooler temperatures by simply adding a cardigan for a more feminine touch, or bomber jacket for a bit of edge, depending on your personal style.