Living in Fresno, California can feel like living inside a blazing hot oven. The weather can sometimes get as high as 109 degrees (yikes!). Fortunately wearing the right clothing can make the weather a little more tolerable. This Fashionista knows what she is doing when picking out her outfit to take on the heat.

She not only manages to look cool, but she also keeps cool in the heat by picking out the right pieces. Her cropped graphic T-shirt is made from cotton, a very breathable fabric that keeps her cool and dry when outdoors. She pairs her T-shirt with some comfortable high-waisted dark purple shorts. The shorts have a slight amount of stretch making them perfect when running around town. The color of the shorts plays along well with the bright yellow smiley face on her shirt creating a very fun and playful look.

As for footwear, she opted out for some open-toed sandals that are also breathable in the hot weather. She accessorized her outfit with a tattoo choker and peachy sunglasses that are very nostalgic of the ‘90s. Finally, her mauve lipstick coordinated well with the color of her sunglasses. This Fashionista definitely had no problem when it came down to adding color to her outfit. She elevated the usual summer T-shirt and shorts combo by adding plenty of color and creating a playful look.

One Simple Change: Swap out the sandals for some sneakers when taking on a nighttime adventure. Whether it is going to a late night concert or going to a celebration, being comfortable is a must. Make sure to have a pair of sneakers with enough support to allow you to dance (or party) the night away.