July 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

We are in the heat of summer; literally! If you live somewhere that is anywhere like my area, you know that it is practically a desert outside. So many trends have been on the fashion scene these summer months. It might be a little intimidating to try them for some people. This is because we want to wear as little as possible due to the heat. We are vulnerable to reaching for the cut-off short shorts and spaghetti strapped tank top when it’s 98 degrees out. Who wouldn’t want to be cool when it’s hot, right? Just because it’s warm outside, it doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style for temperature control. We can have both!

Take this Fashionista’s look as an example. She didn’t let the heat stop her from looking all sorts of fashionable. A pair of Abercrombie & Fitch denim shorts and an American Eagle Outfitters floral print top are both ways she incorporated a summer trend into her look. The distressed elements on the shorts and the dark floral top added a moody vibe that worked. She toned down the darker vibe with a few boho styled pieces that really mixed well with her shorts and top. An army green jacket was layered over the floral top and a pair of lace-up gladiator sandals finished off the bottom half of the moody-boho outfit.

I know what you’re thinking. A jacket? I thought she said it was hot? Don’t fret, it is super hot! This Fashionista knows that layering light pieces does the trick in the summer. The jacket was perfect for when it was a little cooler at night, and she can easily take it on and off depending on her comfort. Like I said, we don’t have to sacrifice style for temperature control! As a final touch, this Fashionista added a wooden bracelet that worked perfectly with both style types she was using while creating her fashion masterpiece! She is ready to look stylish no matter what the sun throws at her.

One Simple Change: Want to carry this look over into fall? By switching out the denim shorts with a denim skirt, you can have a stylish outfit that is perfect for a cooler fall day. Just make sure the denim skirt hits at about the knee so your legs don’t get too chilly!