Summer is a time to step back from the hectic class schedules, the club meetings and the late nights at the library. Trade in the papers and projects for concerts, afternoon strolls and trips to the mall. While under the summer sun, it can sometimes be hard to find the right wear that is both stylish and comfortable in the heat, however, this Fashionisto has it all figured out.

This Fashionisto chose a simple pair of khaki shorts to pair with a perfect geometric patterned T-shirt. Khakis, both shorts and pants are a great staple item to have on hand for casual outfits. They can be paired with many colors and patterns and are loose, light and comfy while still looking cool. His shirt features a sleek divide between colors, creating an eye-catching pattern that pairs well with his minimalist tattoo. Geometric patterns are a fun way to display multiple colors without straying from a simple, casual look.

Even casual daywear needs a little accessorizing. This Fashionisto added a slight hint of print with a pair of retro style tortoise sunglasses. Peeking just along the collar of his shirt was a simple silver chain, adding just a dash of metallic to the look. Aside from his shirt, the most stand out piece of his summer weekday wear was his limited edition Star Wars Vans sneakers. It never hurts to throw in a little bit of your geeky side with a great ensemble keeping the look fun and carefree.

One Simple Change: After an afternoon at the park, trade in the sneakers for some oxfords and the khaki shorts for a pair of jeans, and you have a day to night look ready for a night out around town.