I may have grown up on the East Coast but there are very few things I despise more than the cold weather. To me, there is very little that can compare to the sensation of my bare feet in the grass and the sun radiating on my skin. I love that during the summer the nights are longer, the stress of school and finals are on a temporary hiatus, there is more time to spend with my friends and family and I can wear all the sundresses that I please. Dresses are one of my favorite things to wear because they look great while being low maintenance. I kept my love affair with dresses in mind while I was walking around campus and made sure to keep an eye out. This Fashionista did not disappoint!

What drew me to this Fashionista was how she rocked a cute, simple look that could still easily turn heads. You do not need to dress in an overly complicated way in order to get attention or compliments. This purple-flowered dress is a great way to stand out of the crowd. The first reason why this dress is perfect for summer is because of its material. It is cotton so as the day progresses and gets warmer, you will not have to worry about your garment sticking to your skin and making you feel uncomfortable. The material is also lightweight and has a nice flow to it. Second, the length of the dress is a great length because it still shows off some skin without making you feel self-conscious. Third, the pattern is great for summer. Spring and summer are the times of year where flowers are beginning to bloom, feel free to explore that trend! Lastly, the dress, while being patterned, is versatile. You can wear different types of shoes and jewelry with it and can easily dress it up or down. This Fashionista paired her flowered sundress with a pair of comfortable flip flops and sunglasses to keep the bright sun out of her eyes.

One Simple Change: Take this daytime summer look and turn it into a divine date night outfit! Make the switch by adding either a cardigan or a neutral fitted blazer to dress it up, and instead of flip flops opt for a wedge sandal.