In the wise words of Alice Cooper, “School’s out for summer. School’s out forever.” For some people that last sentence is actually true. For me, that last sentence is getting closer and closer. Graduating college is scary. It’s almost time to go into the world as a real person—an adult. I’d never thought I would become one of them. It’s about that time, and I realize it every time school comes to an end and some of my friends graduate from college. In all honesty, there should be a life course that we are required to take before being able to exit our fine institutions. I am still very much a college kid and even though I have one more semester left to become a “real adult,” I don’t feel like I will be prepared. I still eat ramen for far too many meals that I am willing to admit. Until our debut into adult life, every college-not-graduate needs to enjoy their last summer of freedom. Even if you have an internship or job, it’s still better than knowing you have to figure out how to pay bills, do your taxes and cook real food in the near future.

This Fashionista has the perfect summer outfit ensemble. Her printed romper is great for any summer day of shopping or going to an outdoor cookout. Rompers are an essential summer item that should be in every Fashionista’s closet. They are super easy and versatile. You can throw one on over your bathing suit and go to the beach or dress it up with a nice pair of shoes. She completes her look with a pair of nude heels, a gold watch layered with a bracelet with gold accents and a cross-body bag with metal details. These items flawlessly complete her outfit and give the romper a more dressed-up feel.

Follow this Fashionista’s fashion this summer to look effortless and chic. Summer is a season to have fun with what you wear. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

One Simple Change: Her nude wedges are great for a summer day of dressing up. Swap the shoes with a pair of strappy sandals to make the look more casual for weekend errands.