It’s time to go back to our roots; our original ‘90s past times of film camera and easy to slip-on shoes. This summer I applaud anyone and everyone who embraces their true style and doesn’t think twice about anyone’s opinion. Summer is the season for self-development, exploration and vitamin D. Finding a casual outfit that can dwell in the heat and adventures is more possible than you may think! Or maybe this Fashionista makes it seem that way.

This Fashionista, a Graphic Design major at The University of South Florida, expands her creative gift on and off the canvas and into her personal style. She is a self-proclaimed free spirit and her everyday outfits and attitude live up to the title. In the summertime, she adds a tiny blast from the past with flattering high-wasted “mom jeans” and an off-the-shoulder white crop top that makes me nostalgic of the popcorn T-shirts that stretched out in the ‘90s. I honestly wish 8-year-old me pulled off this outfit half as well as she did.

Regardless, this Fashionista drew this outfit together by accessorizing effortlessly. Her Minolta Freedom Zoom 150 Film camera around her neck may not be a typical addition to an outfit, but I believe it adds a personal quirk. Additionally, the fitness-oriented part of my brain cannot avoid the cup of water in her hand that intensifies the summertime look. Water is the most important thing to put in your body this summer! Don’t forget it!

Once Simple Change: To make this “summer” look transform into a “Back to School” look would be to add a few more accessories! A small red neck scarf would be the perfect pop of color to add a little campus flare to your summer adventure outfit.