Summertime has arrived! The sun is hotter and the ice cream is colder (If that’s even possible). Pulling out bright, cool and light-colored pieces from our closets has never been easier. With the outdoor heat turned up a notch, we tend to gravitate towards some sort of funky top and our perfectly worn out pair of ripped high-waist denim shorts (I am guilty as charged!!).

But, this season is for new adventures and taking risks… So, I am asking you to make room for one more line on your summer to do list. Fill that line in with “WHAT TO WEAR: White on White”, and you will not regret it!

With the white on white and similar monochromatic trend being ‘in’ this year, doors have opened to countless new fashion opportunities for us all. We have already spotted trend setters Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid and blogger Shea Marie catching on to this trend. Why can’t we?

One easy way to transition into this style is to purchase a pair of white jeans or even deconstruct and personalize an old pair of your own (I am all about this!). Now that you have a major piece for your look, you can mix and match with any white top that catches your eye. Keep your shoes a light color and a soft hue, as you do not want to distract from your entire look. Your smile should always be the focal point! Now you can rock all whites like this Fashionista!

One simple change: To take this look from brunch date to girl’s night out, try switching into a white cropped top. Now you are officially ready to turn heads and dance the night away!