Hey, Fashionistas/os!  Summer is here and this means only two things: concerts and heat. Both can be pretty awesome, but when put together they can be an outright traumatic experience. Nobody likes to sweat and stick to fold down chairs—or at least I don’t. Fortunately, there is a solution: loose shorts.

This style of shorts is perfect for summer weather because they provide a breathable option for hot days by being loose and thin, although thick enough to provide coverage. Loose shorts also come in a variety of designs to match any Fashionista’s style and are super comfortable (they almost mimic the comfortable feeling of not wearing pants at all- Ha!) Whether you will be attending music festivals such as Bonnaroo Music Festival or Firefly Music Festival or just kicking back on the concert lawn listening to John Mayer, loose shorts are perfect for any occasion.

This Fashionista takes on the boho style by wearing a pair of high-waisted loose shorts in a colorful Aztec print. In order to keep the shorts the center of attention, she makes her top half simple by wearing a white halter tank top from Brandy Melville accented with a lace bralette from American Eagle Outfitters. Her matching lace-up sandals and cork bracelet add to the boho and Aztec theme through their simplicity and originality. Adding a unique piece such as the cork bracelet grows this Fashionista’s style and the neutral color of the bracelet allows versatility to match any style.

One Simple Change: Nights on the town with friends are also a major part of the summer months. By switching out the lace up sandals to a pair of booties or lace-up heels you take this look from boho to chic, perfect for a night out. You can also slip on a leather jacket to change the feel from boho to urban.