The last semester is finally over and classes are finished, so you know what that means—summer has arrived. The time that everyone waits for as the semester winds down. Our winter season was not too bad with the weather; in fact, it was rather warm. Obviously in the winter we can’t break out the high-waisted shorts, crop tops or sandals, even when it’s warm. But now summer is finally here and now we can have some summer fun with fashion. Summer is a time for all of the Fashionista/os to show off their styles in all different ways. There is, though, one thing that is always fashion forward in the summer: the romper. Rompers are such a go-to in any summer wardrobe. They are simple and easy. Think about it: how many of us have always had either the cutest bottom or top but are struggling with what to pair it with? Rompers make thinking about an outfit less stressful for the Fashionista. It’s an entire outfit in itself!

This Fashionista is wearing an amazing outfit that is spot-on for any summer adventure. The Fashionista featured is wearing a washed black romper from Urban Outfitters. She didn’t have the stress of matching any two pieces; the only decision she had was which romper to wear. You can never go wrong with black. I always disagree with people that say that black isn’t a summer color. I totally understand bright colors being for summer, but black is so universal that the way this Fashionista wore the color black is the perfect summer trend. To dress up the romper, she paired it with a long statement necklace and a pendent necklace. The long statement necklace adds a different look with the hint of white stone, making the washed out color pop out a little more. We always want a little pop so that everyone can admire the outfit. The layered look with the jewelry is very in for the summer season. To finish off her look, she wore her Steve Madden lace-up heeled sandals. Lace-up sandals are a must-have and are very trendy with all the different styles that are out there. With the combination of all the on-trend pieces, this outfit is an easy transition for a summer day to a summer night.

One Simple Change: To transition from day to night, swamp out the lace-up sandals for a wedged platform sandal to give the outfit a more dress-up look. Also add a cute denim jacket and you are all set for a fun summer night.