Summertime is every school kid’s favorite season; no classes, no assignments and no stress. It is a glorious season of long days spent playing in the water and longer nights enjoying the gifts of daylight savings. It is also a favorite season of Fashionistas everywhere, but not for those same laid back reasons. Let’s just say it is the ultimate fashion challenge. How does one look effortless, stay cool and have the best outfit on the block in outrageous humidity and heat? Assembling the perfect outfit for a sunny stroll through Charleston is hard, but this Fashionista stood up to the challenge and prevailed.

Her airy, calf-length floral dress is the perfect choice for a hot day because it provides great air circulation while simultaneously covering skin for serious protection against the harsh sun. The colorful floral print contrasted against a black fabric is a stylish twist that gives this dress a unique look that perfectly fits Charleston. Amidst all the Lilly Pulitzer-clad girls, this Fashionista is sure to stand out with her bold take on floral. She decided to accessorize with black platform wedges that complimented her dress and showed off her stylish toenail polish, an underrated accessory. She paired all of this with a small, salmon colored purse that has fabulous gold detailing. She also chose funky, gold geometric earrings to polish off the entire outfit.

One Simple Change: To take this stylish outfit from a summer stroll downtown to a night out with girlfriends, all you need to do is add a black leather jacket and replace the purse with a brightly colored clutch.