Ah yes—we have finally had warm weather three days in a row. And by warm, I mean 75 degrees or above. That means summer weather is ultimately on its way. As college students, especially in the long, drawn out winters of New England, we rejoice when campus hits 70 degrees. Every girl wears a sundress and sandals, as if we were already on summer break. But now that we are officially on our summer semester off, we cannot let those moments on campus be our only fashionable days in the heat. That being said, when it is warm and balmy outside we all want to succumb our stylish ways to the typical tank top, Nike running shorts and rubber flip flops. Yet, there are ways to still remain cool in both meanings: temperature and style.

In this Fashionista’s outfit, there are many key ways she is staying trendy and chill. Although the heat may make some trendsetters opt for the aforementioned tank top or T-shirt, the Fashionista on display draped herself in a long sleeve linen blouse. You might be thinking, “Long sleeves? In the summer?” Yes! Linen in the summer is rather practical. The lightweight material is breathable enough to wear in the heat and actually acts as a cooling system. Linen fabric is capable of absorbing moisture and evaporating it quickly, so your fashion can function in the heat and humidity. Not only is the fabric logical, the peasant blouse details are extremely cute. The latticed and laced chest feature is extremely in right now. Additionally, the lace panelled sleeves are flowy. The sleeves don’t trap extra heat and keep the outfit unique and eye-catching.

When paired with her favorite cut-offs, this Fashionista’s outfit remains cool with a bohemian flare. The jagged rips add some edge to a feminine blouse, keeping a carefree summertime vibe in place. Also, the Fashionista flaunts distinctive sandals, remaining neutral but with hints of gold to complete her light, summery color palette. Not only does she keep the heat away with her airy clothing, but she pins her hair back with a chic gold barrette as a staple for hair in the daunting humidity. Every piece shown makes for a charming, logical summer’s day outfit in some serious heat!

One Simple Change: When the sun goes down and your girls want to have a night out, it’s probably going to be a lot cooler than the daytime. Throw on a pair of distressed jeans for a casual yet warmer outfit!