If there is one certain thing about summer in Florida, it is that it will be hot and it will rain! These weather conditions that we face at the University of South Florida can make it difficult to stay fashionably fresh throughout our day. This Fashionista is no rookie to the Florida weather and knows exactly how to keep it cool. She is not going to let a little heat, humidity or rain dampen her school day.

Rocking a lightweight cotton dress she is ready to beat those 90 degree rays. By choosing to add layers like her boho tasseled vest she is able to make a fun statement while still having the peace of mind she can remove it to stay cool. Accenting with lighter accessories like her moon and star necklace, chunky watch and antique rings, her outfit instantly becomes more playful without adding any unnecessary weight. She tops her look off with a flirty felt hat, rounded wayfarers and some ankle-high boots. Not only do these final decisions complete her look, they will shield her from the promises that Florida weather always keeps. That hat will double as rain and humidity protection, those sunglasses keep the rays out of her eyes and finally the boots are low enough for the scorching heat but will keep her toes dry when the summer showers come. It is smart decisions like these that will keep a Fashionista/o cool, collected and fashionable throughout their day in the Sunshine State.

One Simple Change: It’s summer and you’re done with classes for the day? What a perfect time to hit the beach. You’ve got your sun hat and shades, just switch over to a pair of sandals and you’re beach ready!