The hottest months of the year are finally here! Now, you can rock your new ‘70s-inspired crop top you bought for Lollapalooza without getting weird stares from professors. Summer means hitting the beach like it’s your full time job. While I know most of you probably plan to spend as much time as you can in your swimsuits, unfortunately you might have to change out of your beach gear occasionally and put on something a little more acceptable for those summer brunches, fun shopping trips and festivals. Summer challenges every Fashionista/o to create a style that is both adaptable to the ever-changing weather and to the crazy last-minute plans that are inevitably going to pop up!

While living in Georgia, the heat can get a little overwhelming from time to time, but this Fashionista accepts the challenge of the humidity, and her rad summer outfit is on point. Keeping it simple, she pairs a loose maxi skirt with a cream crochet crop top and some light sandals, but the key to her summer outfit isn’t in the clothing.

This Fashionista shared that,“the secret to summertime style is really all in the accessories. You could be wearing only a basic T-shirt and cut-offs, but if you throw on a pair of aviators and gladiator sandals, you immediately step up your style.”

Adding some gold jewelry like her chunky rings, necklace, bracelets and nose ring instantly gives the outfit some personality while maintaining the coolness to combat the heat. The Fashionista admits she wants to look stylish during the summer, but her main priority is comfort. She says, “The summertime is supposed to be all about fun, so I play with my outfits, but my main goal at the end of the day is feel cute while still feeling completely relaxed in what I am wearing.”

One Simple Change: Keep this denim jacket from H&M in your car so your outfit instantly can shift from day to night!