It is finally time to put away all those winter clothes and bring out your summer wear. During these next few summer months, everyone is dressing for one thing: to survive the heat. Girls have endless options for the summer weather, while guys are limited on what they can wear. That isn’t an issue for this Fashionisto though—he’s ready for the summer weather ahead.

This Fashionisto is ready for summer with his printed T-shirt. T-shirts are great for summer because you can chose a pattern or just a plain shirt. In order for this printed T-shirt to work, he paired it with a pair of plain shorts. If he were to pair the printed T-shirt and printed shorts, it would clash and be distracting. T-shirts are great for summer because they are easy to throw on and are super light weight. They also offer endless amounts of options with colors and patterns. Cargo shorts are great for summer because of how breezy they are for the hot weather. This outfit is not only great for the summer heat but looks well put together. There is endless amounts of options for an outfit like this, all you need to do is try them out to see what you like! Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes are perfect for summer for comfort but can go well with any outfit.

One Simple Change: This outfit is great for everyday of summer, but what about when it’s a date night? One simple change would be to put on a short sleeve button-up shirt. It could be a plain color or a pattern just like the T-shirt. It immediately can change the whole outfit.