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How do you piece together a cool summer look in Miami and surpass the humidity, you ask? Well, I’m here to tell you how. Miami is known for its beaches, weather and all around Latin flavor. Fashionistas in southern Florida bring about their cultural background when piecing together their ultimate outfit, creating something that also adapts to Miami’s ever-changing weather. One must master manipulation of weather because mother nature is always throwing us curve balls.

This Fashionista owns her light summer style by adding simple dark accents to intensify the look, where chic meets punk. She’s a dance instructor by day and bold fashion killer by night. Dance being her number one priority and chosen career path, comfort is something she seeks especially in pants; her go-to item. Her busy lifestyle aids her in seeking outfits that are easy to transform into. She tries to incorporate her own Latin background into her one-of-a-kind style. “I’m really proud of being Hispanic and in Central America, we like to accent out features, so I choose outfits that complement my body parts, specifically my legs and shoulders.”

Her outfit consists of two simple articles of clothing: a knitted crop top and high-waisted jeans. Adding on a choker, vintage belt and black booties intensifies the outfit creating an edgy summer look; one key factor to her style is accessories. She expressed to me that when she dresses up she wants to feel powerful and confident. “I want someone to look at me and see a strong women that can wear pink but has an edge to her.” An important thing to note when not knowing what to wear is that one or two bold, outstanding accessories can transform your outfit from drab to fab!

One Simple Change: Throw on some vintage shades and a lightweight denim jacket to give the outfit a completed day to night look!