May 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

An end to the semester has finally arrived and ,slowly but surely, summer is just around the corner. The end of the semester means cramming for exams and cramming in workouts to fit in that extra small bikini top and bottom for the summer. Everyone knows that the summer does not officially start until you get your grades back and as soon as that happens the festivities begin. Sometimes, it may be a little hard to participate in festivities when the blazing sun is beating down on you, but this Fashionista has this impeccable outfit that’s both stylish and adaptable to humid temperatures.

This Fashionista is wearing white ripped jeans with a pastel blue cami top, and the shoes are a pair of nude wedges. To add more “summer feels” to this look, the Fashionista has added a perfect floppy hat and a pair of shades to block out that bright sun. She has also added a pop of color to her lips to give it more of a cheerful and peppy look. The pastel color in this outfit is appropriate for the summer because it goes the Fashionista sun- kissed skin tone. The white ripped jeans complement her sun-kissed skin as well, but also white is a bright color that will not attract the heat from the sun like black would do. These light colors are meant to keep her cool in humid temperatures. The floppy straw hat’s purpose to keep her cool under the shade that the hat will provide. The nude wedges bring a neutral look that compliments both the blue pastel top and the white ripped jeans. Lastly, the sunglasses will keep the radiant sunshine out of the Fashionista’s eyes.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista could take this look from just a simple summer look to a vacation look by adding either a flowy long sleeved top or she could add any time of buckled sandal. The flowy top would be an ideal shirt for someone who went on vacation at the beach. A puffy sleeved shirt would flow in the wind from the sea breeze. Switching from wedges to sandals would be less formal. If you were to go out to a fancy restaurant while on vacation, then you may want to keep those wedges. Otherwise, sandals would be the way to go.