Summer is finally here! I love summer not only because the weather is warm and there are no classes but also the fact that there are so many things that happen during this time of year! Graduation parties, birthdays, weddings, you name it. Summer brings fun festivities but the main question we may ask before attending is: what do I wear?

It is sometimes hard for guys to dress because so many of their friends do not dress to impress, but rather just blindly throw on whatever they think looks okay and run out the door, not spending much time on what they wear. In the past, I did not look in to men’s fashion as much, most likely because I was not around very fashionable men who tended to have habits such as these. However, since I have come to college, I have run in to many well-dressed guys on campus, one being this Fashionisto.

When celebrating a special event, even guys need to look good too and it does not have to be complicated. I love this ensemble because it was not hard for him to put it together but it still makes him look sharp. His crisp white button-down contrasts nicely with his blue pants. The black watch, belt and shoes are great accent pieces to balance it all out. He adds his own little touch with these fun socks. All of the pieces work well together and allow him to show off his personality. So guys, do not be afraid to plan and prepare your outfits before the parties and celebrations you attend. Make summer your time to show off your style!

One Simple Change: Feeling preppy? Try going for a colored shirt and pant to show off those summer colors at a graduation celebration.